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Pipe Coating Plant - External Anti-corrosion Coating Facilities


Our pipe coating plant utilizes the latest manufacturing technology and process procedures which results in highly efficient and flexible lead times for our customers.

Located within an hour’s drive from the Port of Corpus Christi, pipe can be efficiently received and loaded out for all project requirements. With 40 acres of pipe storage available, the facility is ideal for providing logistics services to Customer’s including pipeline stringing operations and pipe stocking and distribution programs.

Pipe Coating Products

Fusion Bonded Epoxy – Fusion Bond Epoxy is a powder epoxy thermosetting coating applied for anticorrosion protection to steel pipelines. The pipe is first blast cleaned and heated. Then epoxy powder is spray applied by electrostatic guns to melt and form a uniform layer that hardens within a minute from application. Utilizing industry accepted materials supplied by manufacturers such as 3M, DuPont, and Valspar, the facility can apply FBE in a wide range of thickness to cost effectively meet any project specifications.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy with Abrasion Resistance Overcoating (FBE/ARO) – Utilizing two completely separate powder systems, the facility can produce FBE with an ARO at unprecedented processing speeds using industry accepted materials such as 3M 6352, DuPont 7-2610, and Lilly 2040.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy with High Temperature Resistant Overcoating – Utilizing two completely separate powder systems, the facility can produce FBE with a high operating temperature resistant overcoating such as DuPont’s Nap-Gard Gold and 3M’s 6258.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy with Zap-Wrap Overcoating – The facility is capable of processing line pipe with Zap-Lok connections and of applying the Zap-Wrap abrasion resistance overcoating to the ends of each pipe.

Acid Pre-Treatment


Double Jointing – Double jointing is a process in which two singular pipes are welded together to form up to an 80’ length. This process takes place prior to any coating application, meaning that the joint is coated at the full 80’ length.

There are several benefits to Double Jointing during the coating process:

  • Double Jointing eliminates the need for Field Joint coating, a process in which the pipe weld joints must be coated after welding in the field or at sea before being laid. This is a more expensive and less protective process.
  • Welding joints together prior to transporting them to the field means cutting on-site welding in half and reducing the amount of time required for such an installation.

Zap-Lok Pipline Connection – The Zap-Lok pipeline system is designed specifically to satisfy the fast-paced, cost-conscious requirements of today's pipeline construction projects. The Zap-Lok system relies on an engineered mechanical interference connection between a cold-expanded "bell-end" and an opposing, slightly larger "pin-end".

The process derives its strength from the metal-to-metal friction generated as the two ends are hydraulically pressed together and highly compressive forces are transferred from the bell-end onto the pin-end - permanently holding it in place.

Testing – Industry standard lab on site will conduct daily testing of our products to ensure quality and consistency on every order.


The FBE products produced meet the following industry accepted standards:

NACE RP0394 – National Association of Corrosion Engineers Standard Recommended Practice, Application, Performance, and Quality Control of Plant Applied, Fusion Bonded Epoxy External Pipe Coating.

NACPA Bulletin 12-78 – National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators External Application Procedure for Plant Applied fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) to Steel Pipe.

AWWA C213 – American Water Works Association Standard for Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating for the Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines.

CSA Z245.20 – Canadian Standards Association External fusion bond Epoxy coating for Steel Pipe.

ISO 21809-2 – Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries – external Coatings for Buried or Submerged Pipelines Used in Pipeline Transportation Systems – Part 2: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings.

Plant Equipment/Capabilities

Our facility has been designed and engineered by a team with over 30 years experience building, operating and maintaining pipe coating plants worldwide. The facility boasts the most state of the art equipment from suppliers such as CRC-Evans, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, ITW Gema, and Pangborn Corporation. The operations crew at George West has over 70 years of combined experience coating pipe with Fusion Bond Epoxy.

The plant can process all types of line pipe:

  • Minimum diameter of 2”
  • Maximum diameter of 24”Minimum pipe length of 25’
  • Maximum pipe length of 65’

Additional Services

  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
  • Pipe beveling/rebeveling
  • Field Joint Materials

For additional information about services offered at our pipe coating plant, please contact Tex-Isle Supply.

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