Tex-Isle’s engineering and quality teams provide comprehensive technical support to our customers. Dedication to continuous improvement and lifelong learning are key principles that drive our engineering and quality teams to ensure we offer the highest possible quality products and services to our customers. We provide solutions to the vast range of challenges involved in oil and gas procurement. We offer expertise in industry standards such as ISO, API, ANSI, ASTM and NACE to resolve concerns regarding industry tolerances, inspection requirements, internal and external pressures, corrosive agents present, and engineering stresses on materials.

Our engineering team can help select the appropriate internal coating by evaluating the operational environment and the relative importance of impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance. We assist in the selection of API, Semi-Premium and Premium connections based on the intended application and operating conditions. We also help select high performance casing for high collapse and burst applications with the goal of providing the most economical solution that best fits our customer’s needs. The engineering team actively performs research and development projects on metallurgical corrosion resistance, failure analysis, internal and external coating performance, and tubular connections. We develop inspection programs for casing and tubing such as our Rig Return program. Inspection programs include logistics, reports, and quality control.

We take a proactive approach in working with our customers to provide solutions to the vast range of challenges involved in drilling. Our engineering team addresses concerns regarding present corrosive agents and engineering stresses on materials. We take a commercial approach to evaluating the most economic options available, and strive to provide solutions that best fit the needs of our customer. Our quality team promptly evaluates and addresses any quality concerns regarding Tex-Isle’s product. Our goal is to implement proactive quality solutions to mitigate issues before they arise.

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