Centralized Project Management

Tex-Isle is an Asset Based Distributor®, controlling the movement and processing of our oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and line pipe. We provide customers with a dedicated logistics team and project manager. All material is subject to Tex-Isle’s Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring only the highest quality material is delivered to our customers. Our expert project managers guide you and the product you purchase through the entire supply chain. They are knowledgeable experts who practice Tex-Isle’s total customer focused approach by analyzing the market, job forecasting and developing cost-saving procurement plans.

We stock both domestic and foreign OCTG and line pipe on-site at the same location as our manufacturing facilities. Additionally, our products are stocked through a nationwide network of stocking facilities that service all production basins. We offer competitive stocking programs, and provide deep market analysis which drives the commercial decisions of our customers. As part of our centralized project management approach, our team also provides:

Inventory Management

  • Guaranteed product availability
  • Segregated inventory
  • Inventory tracking with Tubular Data System
  • MTR database with 5 year retrieval capabilities
  • Shipping documentation/MTRs within 48 hours


  • Just in time deliveries
  • Priority processing
  • Dedicated yard teams
  • Truck deliveries direct to rig-sites and right of ways


  • Demand forecasting
  • Tracking and traceability reporting
  • KPI and savings tracker
  • Deep market analysis
  • Steel market reports

Rig Return Program

Tex-Isle Supply is committed to ensuring quality products and reliable inventory levels by operating efficiently in our industry's changing climate. Our Rig Return Program effectively manages inventory to reduce waste by first segregating unused or returned pipe into three pipe categories: Prime, Repairable, or Reject. Any pipe that is deemed prime or repaired to prime condition is then delivered to the next well site. A credit is awarded and invoices are adjusted for returned material based on the three categories. The primary services of the Rig Return Program are:

  • Manage excess inventory to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  • Quickly and accurately providing net string invoice for material physically used at location
  • Coordinate the logistics of pipe inspection, storage and repairs
  • Efficiently handle claim process for non-conforming pipe
  • Returned pipe quickly processed to have excess prime pipe sent to next well site

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