Tex-Isle has the experience to perform and coordinate inspection and repairs in accordance with API 5L and API 5CT. We have qualified pipe yard storage facilities in all major shale plays to perform repairs and inspections on demand. This is a prime asset to our Rig Return Program.

We offer the following repairs and inspections onsite and at our manufacturing facilities. Other repairs and testing are available upon request.

Line Pipe:

  • Brush, Roll, and Spray
  • De-Denting
  • Dimensional Inspections
  • End Cut
  • Evaluate Surface Imperfections
  • Hydrotesting
  • Non-destructive Testing (EMI, UT, WELD LINE UT, Eddy Current, Wall Thickness Verification)
  • Re-Bevel
  • Visual Body Inspection (VBI)


  • Coupling Buck-On
  • Dimensional Inspections
  • Evaluate Surface Imperfections
  • Full Length Drift (FLD)
  • Gage Thread Inspection
  • Hydrotesting
  • Nondestructive Testing (EMI, UT, MPI, WELD LINE UT, Eddy Current, Wall Thickness Verification)
  • Re-Thread
  • Visual Thread Inspection (VTI)
  • Visual Body Inspection (VBI)


Tex-Isle Quality Control

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