Tex-Isle’s Asset Based Distribution® model means that we are in control of your oilfield tubulars from the moment your product is purchased at the mill until it arrives at your job site. This level of control gives our customers first hand visibility of the entire process from the origin to the job site.

Over the last half-century, we have developed lasting partnerships with the world’s best manufacturers and mills. These time-tested relationships have enabled us to gain valuable knowledge about oilfield steel products that meets our demanding standards, for the right price. The constantly changing global steel market provides options to reduce cost, but requires market and quality vigilance.

Our team of project managers, focused on cost savings and waste reduction, will ensure that you receive the highest quality product on-time and within budget. We handle the multi-phase and time consuming process of sourcing, procuring, processing, stocking, and delivering products and services to our customers.

Our senior management has over 80 years of pipe purchasing experience. We are privately held and have an agile decision making process. We procure product strategically: keeping our finger on the pulse of the market to be able to offer our customers the greatest savings.

Tex-Isle Supply Chain Infographic
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