Quality Management System

Tex-Isle’s objective is to exceed industry and customer standards.  Our proactive approach involves iterative evaluations that seek not only non-conformance, but also opportunities for improvement.  Our primary focus is to achieve an error free process while maintain a safe work environment. Our Quality Management System (QMS) encompasses the Total Quality Management philosophy where customer satisfaction leads to long-term success. We seek to go beyond industry and customer standards. Dedicated professionals conduct multi-point inspections from the moment raw material arrives at our facilities until they are shipped out. The savings captured from increases in quality and efficiency are integral to Tex-Isle’s value proposition.

“No Excuses” Quality Control

All of our products leave our facilities with the Tex-Isle “T” representative of our quality philosophy and care that has been provided.  The mark represents our brand, our company, and our reputation.  We firmly believe that when it comes to quality there are “no excuses.”

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