Quality Management System

Tex-Isle has a proactive approach in working with our customers to provide solutions to the vast range of challenges involved in drilling. Our engineering team addresses concerns regarding external and internal pressures, present corrosive agents and engineering stresses on materials. We take a commercial approach to evaluating the most economic options available, and strive to provide solutions that best fit the needs of our customer.

Our objective is to exceed our customer’s quality expectations and to go beyond recognized industry standards. Our primary focus is to achieve an error free process, with the highest quality product while maintaining a safe work environment.

Assured Quality

Our Quality Management System (QMS) encompasses the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy where customer satisfaction leads to long-term success. Our team goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure quality and satisfaction. Our team is trained with the finished good in mind in efforts to reduce cost, reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Tex-Isle's QMS includes several inspection steps integrated into the shipping, coating and processing stages required for on-time deliveries of high quality oilfield tubulars. We are constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations for the highest quality product by listening and responding to their challenges. Dedicated professionals conduct multi-point inspections that far exceed the typical industry model.

“No Excuses” Quality Control

Tex-Isle’s multi-tiered QMS is unsurpassed in the industry and begins the moment your product is purchased. Our quality assurance personnel and engineering team ensure every order is manufactured to meet our customer’s expectations.  Our Asset Based Distribution® model makes it possible for us to maintain 100% control of our product, from point of purchase until final delivery, assuring you of the highest quality product available.

With a comprehensive and dedicated team of engineers and quality professionals monitoring every piece of product sold, our quality goes beyond the industry standard. All of our products leave our facility with the Tex-Isle "T" representative of the care that has been provided. We put our brand behind our work. No excuses, only quality product that we stand behind.

Our inspection process, illustrated below, follows a similar pattern at both our George West and our Robstown facilities.

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