Quick-TI delivers value to end users by reducing the time and cost associated with welding steel pipe together.  It is possible to join over a mile of pipe in one work day with a single crew and assembly unit.  Furthermore, pipeline operators can take advantage of internal plastic coating without the issues associated with the heat zone of welds.

Quick-TI is a pipe joining technology that consists of a bell (expanded end) and pin (straight end of a pipe). The connection is achieved by inserting the pin end into the bell end with a hydraulic press. The natural forces of the steel work to create the sealed connection. 

The primary strength of the Quick-TI comes from the interference and friction between pin OD and bell after assembly. The interference force is a function of hoop stress caused by radial displacement.

Mechanical Interference Connection (MIF) products have been used for onshore and offshore pipelines for over 40 years.  Tex-Isle’s Quick-TI is designed to meet the requirements ASME B31.4, 31.8 and 49 CFR Section 192.273.

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