Quick-TI is a proprietary line pipe connection based on Mechanical Interference.  The connection delivers value to end users by reducing time and cost of welding steel pipe together by 20-30% , whilst allowing for corrosion control benefits unmatched by welded steel. A single crew can be expected to assemble over a mile of pipe together per day.  Quick-TI makes possible the use of Internal Plastic Coating for corrosion control and flow improvement that is unavailable in typical welded steel pipelines.

The technology behind Quick-TI utilizes the natural characteristics or steel to form a tight seal at each connection.  Each joint is prepared at our George West facility by belling out one end (bell), while the other end is beveled ,for Internally Coated Pipe, or left as is (pin).  In the field a hydraulic press forces a pin end into a bell end to form the seal.  Mechanical Interference Connection products have been used in the Oil and Gas industry for over 40 years.  Quick-TI is designed to meet the requirements of ASME B31.4, 31.8, and 49 CFR Section 192.273.

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