Internal Pipe Coating

Internal coating systems protect the pipe from erosion and corrosion. It also reduces the surface friction coefficient which improves the flow dynamics of the product, thus reducing operator expense. Tex-Isle offers a variety of coating options that protect and enhance the internal pipe surface. We comply with NACE SP0191 quality requirements.

Standard Internal Pipe Coating Products:

  • Powder Epoxy
  • Powder-Modified Novolac
  • Nylon
  • Others on Request

Line Pipe Application

Today’s exploration and production companies are constantly pushing the performance of their tubulars. Production fluids, produced water, and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) often involves the transportation of corrosive medium which under normal circumstance would render carbon steel pipe a liability.

OCTG Application

Tex-Isle’s various coating systems are designed to enhance and extend the life of our customer’s OCTG. Internal coating protects the pipe where corrosion issues may occur, including corrosion associated with production fluids and erosion resulting in rod pump wear. Our coating systems can protect the pipe, and extend the life of the tubing with properly formulated coating solutions. Additionally, our coating systems improve the transportation of oil and other products.

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