Report: Tex-Isle an Industry-leading Manufacturer of Low Carbon Steel Pipe


HOUSTON, TX January 31, 2022

Commitment to ESG Positions Tex-Isle as a Premium OCTG and Line Pipe Provider

Tex-Isle, Inc. (Tex-Isle), a leading manufacturer of oil country tubular goods (OCTG), line pipe, and standard pipe, today announced the findings of a third-party assessment of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions profile that revealed the company as a market leader in low-carbon and high ESG performance. Tex-Isle’s commitment to best practices places it in the top quartile of steel pipe providers in terms of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. 

The assessment, performed by Cornerstone, finds that Tex-Isle’s sourcing of low-carbon steel and adoption of best practices, including the use of recycled steel, utilization of electric arc furnace technology, near 100 percent fully electric facilities, and close proximity to its raw material supplier and customers, position the company as a top industry performer. 

As a result of Tex-Isle’s investments in being a low-carbon provider of steel products, the company’s emissions performance significantly outperforms the industry average. Specifically, in 2019 the average CO2 emissions for steel production was 1.85 tons of CO2 per ton of crude steel cast. By comparison, the emissions associated with the final steel product that Tex-Isle delivered to its customers in 2019 range from ~0.7 to ~1.0 tons of CO2 per ton of produced pipe. The steel sourced for Tex-Isle’s products was 0.46 tons of CO2 per ton of steel.

The findings reflect Tex-Isle’s recognition of the need to establish baseline performance, conduct continued monitoring, and constantly seek opportunities to implement improvements in the company’s environmental profile in its efforts to be a leading manufacturer of steel pipe products made and melted in America.

With the imminent opening of its new 350,000 ton per year capacity steel tubular mill in Robstown, Texas, Tex-Isle will soon manufacture a green, environmentally conscious steel pipe product in an otherwise traditionally carbon-intensive manufacturing process. Its environmental performance also benefits from its close proximity to its rolled steel supplier and its oil and gas customers along the Gulf Coast. 

“Tex-Isle has constructed facilities that allow for one of the most environmentally responsible products in the industry,” said Tex-Isle President Chris Kayem.  “This assessment confirms that we are on exactly the right path to being a leader in the industrywide push for greater ESG stewardship.  It is a reflection of our lead-from-the-front mentality by giving our customers what they need before they ask.  This is not just a report we put out and move on.  This is a starting point from which we will constantly apply downward pressure on our emissions footprint every day. “

“The third-party assessment that we conducted shows that Tex-Isle is already a top performer in the steel pipe coating, processing, and threading business and is on a trajectory to be a leader in manufacturing when its steel tubular mill comes online,” said Jack Belcher, Principal at Cornerstone.  “Tex-Isle’s commitment to sustainability, including the use of recycled steel and clean electricity, enables Tex-Isle to provide a product that will help its customers meet their ESG goals.”


About Tex-Isle

Tex-Isle is a third-generation, family-owned business, founded by Hans Kayem in 1959.

For more information visit or contact Billy Sias at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (713) 461-1012. 

Tex-Isle Steel Market Update, January 2022

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