Tex-Isle Service Case Study: Heat Treatment

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Investing in Our Customer's Success

Tex-Isle developed proprietary steel grade to meet the performance requirements of horizontal drilling for 5.5” 20# production casing.


Executive Summary:

When tasked with delivering a high-performance product, our engineering team worked with our operations group to develop a reliable, cost-effective solution for our customers. By working with our steel providers on specific chemistries and dimensional tolerances, Tex-Isle was able to guarantee above API specifications for collapse, tension, and burst ratings. Our operations group’s tight production control during heat treatment ensures a “first time right” of ~98% on this grade.


 Performance Standard API Specification  Tex-Isle Specification  How Achieved 
   P110  P110 EHC  
Collapse Rating 11,100 psi 13,150 psi
  • Proprietary chemistry
  • Maximize average wall thickness
  • Minimize eccentricity and ovality
  • Strict control during austenitizing and tempering
 Tension Rating  641,000 lbs  729,000 lbs
 Burst Rating  12,630 psi  14,360 psi


 Download the Service Case Study Here: Tex-Isle Service Case Study: Heat Treatment


For More Information About Heat Treating Visithttps://www.texisle.com/manufacturing/heat-treating-and-threading

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